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BioTek Instruments' CJ3, its capabilities fully realized.

Gisela works with her clients to uniquely craft each aircraft interior and exterior with the goal to inspire a smile on the face of every traveler. Independent of the mission, Gisela's designs create a sense of security, comfort, and confidence key to making all voyages successful.

Interior & Exterior Design
Development of a detailed interior design starts with a basic understanding of how the space will be used and what general attributes are required. Before any designs, colors, fabrics, or finishes are selected, Gisela works to solicit the practical purpose of the interior space and the aircraft overall. Will the aircraft primarily be used for business? If so, to what extent should the design express a sense of utility and conservative styling. And what if the focus is on re-sale value? In this case, an appeal to the taste of a broader range of potential buyers may be the priority. Understanding the client's needs is of the utmost importance in order to produce the most functional and desireable design. Gisela works with the owner and the completion center in a team effort to create an instrinsically beautiful design while providing the needed functionality, all within the client's budget and schedule.

The process for developing an exterior design is very similar to the one used for the interior. There is, however, a special focus on how the aircraft will be viewed by the general public and others who may be positively or negatively impressed depending on the choices selected. Gisela believes that the best exterior design is one the furthers a sense of purpose while positively expressing the unique style of the travelers.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Gisela believes that a good design should withstand the test of merit and purpose.

Hands on!
In her capacity as designer, Gisela represents her clients in collaboration with the major completion and refurbishment centers.

No detail is left to chance. Acknowledging that most vendors are very contientious converting design to finsihed product, Gisela employs a hands on approach to assure every detail is addressed with properly attention. The finished product is the proof.

From Robert Sands, CEO of Constellations Brands
"Gisela worked with our flight department to produce a superior interior design for our Falcon 900B. Reflecting on the unparalleled level of comfort and efficiency now incorporated into the our aircraft, I very much look forward to doing my next jet aircraft interior design with Lionheart Art"

Constellation Brands Falcon 900B (interior design by Lionheart Art)

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